Welcome to Bay to Bay Enterprises, creator of Kevin’s Kind. Family owned and operated, our focus is the sustainable cultivation of the finest cannabis strains. We are a licensed, hydroponic grower, in the heart of Sonoma County.


Our passion is cultivation and we specialize in premium strains including  Mango, Silver O.G., Lemon Tree, Zkittlez, Sour Tangie, Blue Rhino. We are the exclusive grower of J27. Our signature strain: Kevin’s J27


Bay to Bay What?

Back in the day, legal cannabis growers were forced to chose names that were generic sounding and downright boring in order to open bank accounts, obtain rental leases and generally keep a low-profile. Bay to Bay Enterprises Inc. was founded in 2010 by Kevin and Theresa Simmonds as a State of CA licensed Medical Cannabis Grower. With the passage of Prop 65 and legal recreational cannabis, we began growing under the name, “Kevin’s Kind.”

Kevin’s Kind describes both our products and the ethos of our founder, Kevin Simmonds. His expertise has been recognized by the industry, including ganja guru Ed Rosenthal. Kevin has been growing since 1996 to treat his early-onset, rheumatoid arthritis. He shared his cannabis with friends suffering from chronic illnesses and pain. We believe that being kind means taking care of our customers, our staff, and our community.



Kevin Simmonds grew up in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. At the age of 4, Kevin was diagnosed with the Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease that causes constant, chronic pain and the destruction of bones and joints. To date, Kevin has had both hips replaced, his neck and a wrist rebuilt. He started growing cannabis in the late 1990’s to treat his condition.

“My personal story with cannabis began at age 17 while I attended North Hollywood High School’s Zoology/ Animal Biology Magnet. As students, we worked as docents at the L.A. Zoo. There was a hidden trail that led to a picnic table where some students enjoyed smoking cannabis—my first experience with pot. I felt the pain from my arthritis fade to the background, replaced by euphoria.

I stopped smoking weed to focus on school but the pain from my arthritis required more and more medications, including narcotics. My reliance on legal pain medication took a toll on my studies and life. I was forced to attend Inpatient Drug Rehab and when I got out, I went back to taking Ibuprofen and cannabis to relax from my arthritis symptoms.

My brother, a carpenter, took me in to learn the building trade. I began running crews, working for architects as a CAD draftsman, and eventually working in large construction companies helping build office buildings and hotels. But the pain from arthritis began to be overwhelming, so I step down from the corporate ladder. I started closet growing to provide the cannabis I needed to find relief from the chronic pain.

At age 30, my wife Theresa had twins and later another daughter. I wanted to hide my plants from them, so as a trained builder, I designed and built grow cabinets disguised as storage sheds. My designs attracted the attention of professionals in the indoor cannabis industry, notably Ed Rosenthal who provided me with his insights and advice. Today I craft custom built grow cabinets at Indogro.com. These cabinets are industrial grade and can be moved by pallet jack or forklift, even while plants are in full bloom.

Thanks to Ed, I received cuttings of the original J27 plant. Ed Rosenthal was given Dutch seeds by his friend, Jerry in the Neitherlands: the “J” in J27.  The first 26 plants Ed grew from those seeds were disappointing but the 27th became: J27. Ed shared cuttings with his friends but moved on to develop other strains. J27 for forgotten for almost decade but I continued to grow it for myself and later for members of my collective. It earned a reputation for its potency and mildness, and became known as “Kevin’s J27” or simply “Kevin’s Kind.” Today I’m the only legal grower of J27 in California.

The past twenty plus years being a grower has not been without struggle. Actually it’s been mostly struggle. Apart from the chronic pain, surgery, recovery on my body, the responsibilities as a dad with kids in high school and college, I’ve struggled to build a business and provide from my cultivators and trimmers. I’ve tried to keep positive and always be kind; to live up to the name I gave the company and to my strain that we’re named after. I hope I can do my small part in helping to the cannabis industry immerge from prohibition.“

-Kevin Simmonds
Bay to Bay Enterprises and Kevin’s Kind


If you’re a licensed dispensary in California and would like to carry Kevin’s Kind, we’d love to talk.